How We Work

How We Work

“Many of our new clients are referrals from professional associates and existing clients, at the start of our advice journey we are aware that we are acting as ambassadors for our professional introducers and where the introduction comes from existing clients we want to demonstrate that their faith in us is well-founded. In some cases, the client has come to us because they are dissatisfied with their current advisers, and again, we are keen to show that our client care and advice standards are second to none.

That is why we spend a lot of time at the start of our advice journey together making sure there is a clear understanding that we will only offer advice when we have all the information we need to provide quality and inclusive recommendations. This will involve detailed fact-finding, not only about the subject that was the primary reason for seeking our advice, but also in associated areas we feel will either impact on the advice we are offering, or are not urgent but should be tackled later. In some cases, potential clients might find this level of fact-finding intrusive and decline to provide the information. Not all the clients we start the advice journey with become engaged with the process, in these cases we will withdraw as the client’s advisers. As chartered financial planners we will not proceed with the advice process if we do not all the relevant information.

To meet this high standard of professional conduct we undertake to complete our factfinding and research before discussing our terms of engagement and charges. Where we believe there is no opportunity for an ongoing advice journey with the client, we will make that clear and withdraw.


Our recommendations will take into account all we know about you and everything we know about finance, as well as the findings of our research, into the very latest products.

Better still, we’ll present our recommendations simply and clearly, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. We’ll also give you a breakdown of any costs you’ll incur if you go ahead and act on our advice, and we’ll remind you that there’s no obligation to sign up for any products if you decide they’re not for you.


If you decide to act on our recommendations, our experienced support team are here to help you complete any paperwork. Fast, friendly and thorough, they’ll make sure all the right boxes are ticked and documents signed.