About us

At MDG Professional Services Ltd, we help businesses and individuals to protect and grow their finances in ways that suit them, not us. From humble beginnings in 2003, this approach has positioned us amongst the most well respected and leading Independent Financial Planning firms in the South of England.

Our team of specialist Independent Advisers provide a full suite of holistic financial planning services to Private Individuals, Corporate Businesses and Professional Practices.

Through our rare mix of expertise, impartiality and superb relationship building, we are already providing hundreds of satisfied clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have made their financial interests ours too.

We understand that financial planning can seem like a complicated area. We also know this makes it even more important to have total clarity and genuine confidence in the team you choose for your financial advice and management. That is why we will always aim to provide clients with clear, honest, unbiased information. This allows clients to make informed decisions about their financial future.

We believe that By working in close collaboration with trusted tax and family law firms we deliver an integrated service for those seeking genuinely independent financial advice in their personal and business lives.

Whether you are an executive, professional, business owner or retiree our adviser Peter Ginger will be able to review your current situation and agree with you a better way forward which will generally simplify matters and bring clarity to your financial future.

We look forward to hearing from you to arrange a meeting,

Areas of Expertise

We’re here to work with you on the performance of your business, understanding every part of the operation, your people, processes, current status and forecasted plans. Our role is to share in your vision, to work with you as you progress towards identified goals, and to support and guide you towards finding key areas of opportunity, efficiency and growth.


This appointment is free of charge. At this meeting we will start to establish your current situation and your financial objectives. We call this a “fact find meeting”. We will discuss service levels and payment options.


After conducting an initial assessment of your situation, at no cost to you, and explaining our services, we will decide if we should work together and if so, we will then: Agree how we will implement any initial planning.


We feel you should not have to question that your adviser will provide the best possible service, obtain value for money on your behalf and the best possible investment returns, these things can be safely assumed.


We offer fully independent investment advice and are dedicated to achieving consistently high levels of investment performance for our clients over the medium to long term.


In recent times the use of discretionary fund management (DFM) has grown significantly and allows clients to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions and ongoing management of their portfolio to a team of professional, highly experienced investment managers.


To do this he or she will need to be able to access specialist services and people with expertise knowledge and direct day to day experience. Expert knowledge and daily activity is an absolute must when advising on the fast moving Mortgages and Protection marketplaces.